Macho Madness - The Ultimate Randy Savage Collection

WWE: Macho Madness - The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection

If you're the type of person who regularly visits this site, you probably already own this. But if you don't, Amazon currently has it on sale for $9.49! So what are you waiting for!?! BUY IT NOW! YOUR LORD COMMANDS IT!!

Edit : It appears Amazon has raised the price a whopping 50 cents to $9.99. Still an awesome deal. BUY IT NOW! before they raise it more!!

Edit again : It's not on sale anymore, you snooze, you lose.

Savage Scholars Study Newly Found Danger Zone Scrolls, Spine Tingling Toast

NEVER FORGET! When we last saw our savior, he was elbow dropping Jesus into a volcano. But what happened after that? Thousands of recently found texts, dubbed the Danger Zone Scrolls, may unlock the answer. Early research seems to indicate that the eruption launched The Macho Man through time and space. "Unbelievable, time distortion, Space is the place. YEAH!" reads an excerpt we were able to obtain. "But the beat goes on, yeah, and the beat goes on, yeah, and the beat goes on." reads another portion.

These documents also seem the point to a impending Rapture Rematch between Macho Madness and God set to take place on October 21, 2011. We will keep you posted on any further developments in this story as they become available.

Finally, this piece of toast was served at a Waffle House in Des Moines, Iowa. Looks like undeniable proof that the Macho Man is still out there, looking out for humanity and ready to drop his mighty elbow whenever we are in need.

What a Knobb....

According to multiple reports, former WWE Tag Team Champion, and long time Hogan ball-licker, Brian Knobbs, made several tasteless jokes about our Macho Messiah's passing at a wrestling convention last Friday. I know that sometimes people use humor to get through tough times, but the general consensus is that he was just doing it to be an asshole.

While this isn't much of suprise, Knobbs has always seemed like kind of an asshole, it's upsetting nonetheless. I mean where does this fat, no-talent, piece of crap, who could only work plunder matches, get off talking smack about one of the biggest icons not only in wrestling, but in entertainment in general? So, I hereby decree Mr. Knobbs the first official enemy of the Intercontinental Church of Randy Savage. Trust me, buddy, your Judgement Day will come soon enough and I see many a wrathful elbow striking down upon thee in your future.

It's Time To Go Mano-a-mano With The Gray Ghost!

In 1997, The Macho King of Kings guest starred on an episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, playing Space Ghost's grandfather. Hilarity ensued.

Also, wanted to take this time to wish all my readers in the United States a very Macho Memorial Day!

Join Us In Observance of Slim Jim Saturdays

NEVER FORGET! It was on May 21, 2011, a Saturday, that our Macho Messiah made his ultimate sacrifice for humanity. Therefore, each and every Saturday, it is our duty to honor him by making a Slim Jim sacrament.

Taketh of his body AND SNAP INTO IT! OH YEAH!

(I apologize for the horrible sound quality/impression. My microphone sucks and I lack our lord's booming vocal capabilities.)

Mind = Blown

The Macho Man has been foreshadowing his destiny ever since Wrestlemania III!

Spreading The Madness Via Social Media! YEAH!

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Graduation Season...

.. is upon us. To all those graduating from high school/college, etc., congratulations! You and all of your loved ones should be very proud of your accomplishments and good luck in your future endeavors. (I mean that seriously, not like when WWE says it.) However, don't forget that if it wasn't for our savior, you would have no future. So, when Pomp and Circumstance starts playing, shout out "OHHHHHHH YYYYEEEAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" and giveth praise unto he.

A Final Goodbye

More Tributes from Raw.

While they somehow failed to mention ANYTHING about how he saved humanity, WWE did show a touching tribute video to our Savior during last night's broadcast of Raw.

Later, in the main event, not satisfied by his previous night's actions, CM Punk once again attempted to pay tribute in his tag team match with R-Truth vs. John Cena and Rey Mysterio. This time wearing pink trunks and yellow boots that were very-uh-reminiscent OHHH YYYYEAAAHH!!!! 

Unfortunately, that no good special referee, Bret Hart, interjected himself into the match, screwing over Punk and costing his team the match. Still, it was pretty cool of Punk to rock that shit.

Punk pays homage.

At last night's Over The Limit PPV, CM Punk attempted to hit an elbow drop of his own against Kane. Undoubtedly a tribute to the man who made it possible for him to continue wrestling. Unfortunately for Punk, he does not have The Macho Man's expert aim as he missed his target.

05/21/11 - Never Forget

For twas the day that Randy Savage sacrificed himself for the fate of mankind.

You see, in order for God to carry out the rapture on the 21st, he needed a tag team partner. So he asked the Macho Man to deliver his patented atomic elbow drop all the way from the pearly gates straight to Earth. YEAH! Had this had happened, it would have caused an earthquake of such massive magnitudes that they would have needed to invent a new scale to measure it by. DIGGIT!

Macho, initially, YEAH!, accepted the Lord's request, but under one condition. That he could come up to heaven one day early to finally be reunited with his one true love, the lovely Miss Elizabeth. To which God agreed. DIGGIT! But the ever-cunning Savage had other plans. You see, the Macho Man has been in the danger zone before and he wasn't about to let God push humanity around like that. Can I get an "OHHHHHHHH YEEEEEAAAAH!!?"

So he and Elizabeth concocted a plan of epic proportions. If Macho Man leaped from the heavens at JUST the right time, he would be able to NAIL Jesus in the breadbasket as he went down to collect the believers, get the 1-2-3 midair and land in the Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland. DIGGIT! While these actions did cause the volcano to erupt, it's way better than what would have happened had Macho not sacrificed himself so that we could all live. OHHHHHHHHHHHH! YEEEEEEAAAH!!