Leave A Message For Macho + Androids

As you may have seen on our Twitter or Facebook pages, we have recently set up a voice mailbox that you can call to leave your thoughts, questions, prayers, praise for our Macho Messiah or anything else you may want to say. You can call it at 1(405)25MACHO. That's 1-405-256-2246 . The number is based on a Oklahoma area code, so long distance rates may apply. I may end up using the messages on the site in one form or another. Also, please forgive your Pastor's pathetic attempt at a Savage Savior impression on the greeting. As I have previously stated, I lack our Lord's booming vocal capabilities. 

Also, in phone related news, a parishioner of the congregation is currently working on a MachoChurch Android app and it's almost in alpha. Still trying to figure out what kind of features to add to it. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments or even the aforementioned voice mailbox. I will let you know when the app hit's the Android Marketplace so you can snap into The Madness on your smartphone!


  1. The Android App is up!

  2. Oh yeah, It would be a local call for me, I can dig that.