05/21/11 - Never Forget

For twas the day that Randy Savage sacrificed himself for the fate of mankind.

You see, in order for God to carry out the rapture on the 21st, he needed a tag team partner. So he asked the Macho Man to deliver his patented atomic elbow drop all the way from the pearly gates straight to Earth. YEAH! Had this had happened, it would have caused an earthquake of such massive magnitudes that they would have needed to invent a new scale to measure it by. DIGGIT!

Macho, initially, YEAH!, accepted the Lord's request, but under one condition. That he could come up to heaven one day early to finally be reunited with his one true love, the lovely Miss Elizabeth. To which God agreed. DIGGIT! But the ever-cunning Savage had other plans. You see, the Macho Man has been in the danger zone before and he wasn't about to let God push humanity around like that. Can I get an "OHHHHHHHH YEEEEEAAAAH!!?"

So he and Elizabeth concocted a plan of epic proportions. If Macho Man leaped from the heavens at JUST the right time, he would be able to NAIL Jesus in the breadbasket as he went down to collect the believers, get the 1-2-3 midair and land in the Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland. DIGGIT! While these actions did cause the volcano to erupt, it's way better than what would have happened had Macho not sacrificed himself so that we could all live. OHHHHHHHHHHHH! YEEEEEEAAAH!!

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